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We’re That’s the Positivitea, an online magazine with a mission – responsible, positive reporting.

We know that people love their daily dose of gossip and news, but they’re not the biggest fans of all the negativity out there.
So, we’re taking that away and giving you solid reporting with none of the sad stuff.

Our promise to you, our readers, is this:

  • We’ll bring you all the best news, views and gossip. Yep, that’s the tea.
  • There will be no negative stories, no capitalising on grief or death, no shaming or making people feel like crap.
  • We won’t talk about body image – it’s your body, we don’t care what it looks like. We’re far more interested in your successes.
  • No adverts. No “Here’s how to lose weight in 3.8 seconds flat” ads. Nope. None of that BS.
  • We’ll cover all the positive news, from the big stories to the little ones. If you know someone who has done something good, let us know.
  • We will always do our best to call out negativity on social media and anywhere else we see it. Negative comments on our site and social media will also be deleted. Anyone we feel is bullying or harassing will be reported.
  • We’ll try to create a positive story for every negative story people send us. If you’ve seen someone body-shamed or hounded negatively by the press, then send us their story here.
  • We’ll always learn and strive to do better. You can always get in touch with us to tell us when we’re doing things wrong (or right!)



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